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What is A PBX?

phonePrivate Branch Exchange (PBX) is multi-line telephone system typically used in business environments. It facilitates the connectivity of several telephones and allows the switching and routing of telephone calls between both internal and external handsets. A Hosted PBX moves all equipment normally associated with this feature into the cloud.. Thus shrinking the onsite presence from several clunky pieces of equipment that require maintenance and up keep, to a few simple devices.


Hosted PBX

pbx-hostedWhat would happen if tomorrow your legacy phone system FAILED? You'll likely end up scouring the classified for garage sales, maybe E-Bay or possibly a museum looking for replacement parts. Leaving your business communications to 30 year old hardware probably isn't a great decision. The fact is that downtime costs YOU MONEY! If your clients cannot reach you in a timely fashion, they will simply go somewhere else.

Let Free2Call remove the headache associated with the management and up keep of on-premise hardware. Our hosted PBX solution provides all the same great features and reliability your current system has, plus a few extras you didn't even know you needed. 

Call today and speak to a representative 403.879.1638 / 1.888.837.0468


Why Free2call?

Free2Call is a Calgary-based small business with a proven, reliable, cost-effective communication solution and a reputation for superior customer support. We are privately owned and operated and specialize in the personal care and attention that your small business needs. Our platform is entirely home grown and developed from the ground up.  Because of this we are often more capable (and willing) to tailor the solution to suit YOUR needs. This is not your average "Big Company" solution.. We are small business serving small business.

Technically Speaking

Our hosted solution is designed to make a reliable, good sounding phone call over the internet time after time. The G729 codec we use requires minimal bandwidth. As a result of this we have several different options for deployment. Summer cottage, vacation get away take your handset with you anywhere you go and stay connected. Your clients need not know where you are. Replace your existing communications infrastructure with state-of-the-art Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology that works seamlessly with any broadband internet connection and can be deployed in minutes. 

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