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About Free2call Technology

Free 2 Call provides both domestic and international telecommunications services via Voice Over IP (VOIP). Utilizing VOIP provides an abundance of additional features not possible with traditional phone services. We can help you save money!
Free2Call provides SIP and IAX origination and termination services worldwide.Additionally we provide long distance calling card services to anywhere in the world.


Mission, Vision and Values

Free2Call is a proudly Canadian owned and operated company.   The company was founded in 2008 with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and delivering the RIGHT solution to the RIGHT client at the RIGHT time.  Integrity and honesty are key values of the company’s owners, Aaron Anderson and Barry Redman and through Free2Call, they endeavour to provide the most cost-effective solutions and highest quality of service available to small business owners in Alberta.

Free2Call Owners


Aaron Anderson
Managing Director

Aaron Anderson

Aaron is a true born and raised local Calgary native and has been interested in computers and communications for over 20 years. Aaron has primarily worked in the IT security space, more recently in the voice over IP (VOIP) and Internet communications. Aaron carries a diploma from S.A.I.T. and has a strong focus on federated services and SSO (Single Sign On). He is an avid traveler and has developed a strong passion for scuba diving, mostly in the beautiful waters of Hawaii. He is a true snow bird and often abandons Barry during the winter months. Be sure to listen for the sounds of crashing waves in the background should you have the need to call him.



Barry Redman
Pre Sales Engineer / Infrastructure

Barry Redman

Barry Redman is the Pre-Sales Engineer / Infrastructure Architect and co-founded Free2Call. He has has spent a total of 15 years working in Calgary as an Infrastructure consultant.   Barry is originally from the beautiful Island of Barbados in the West Indies and moved to Canada with his family when he was 5 years old.  Barry’s interest in technology began shortly after moving to Calgary when his grandfather gave him a then, state-of-art Amstrad PC. His propensity for coding quickly became evident as he developed a very primitive video game in short order and the rest is history.  Barry has spent the past 20 years working in all facets of technology and information services ranging from first tier technical support to infrastructure architecture and data centre planning.   He has a B.Sc in Computer Science and several other designations / certificates in securities and computer forensics.


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