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What is a PBX Phone System?

A PBX is a private business phone system used within many businesses and organizations. It allows for communication within organizations across other devices, and communication abroad, and possesses abilities such as conference calling, music on hold, and extension dialing.

The PBX Phone System has taken many forms and undergone various changes over a vast period of time. Once such change enabled an alteration in its acronym; with the addition of the letter ‘A.’

So, what exactly is a PABX Phone System? Decades prior to the advent of significant innovation in telephony, PBX phone systems originally were manually operated by switchboard operators which proved to be quite strenuous. The operator enabled incoming calls through plugging wires to complete the connection. This is how the terms ‘PABX’ and ‘PBX’ became separate entities, as PABX phone systems did not require the presence of an operator to enable it to function.


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